MSD Animal Health Case

Cleaner toilets and good tasting coffee.

Rating went from 66% to 92% likes!

" Quick, easy and transparent"

Paul Peters

Facility Account Manager, MSD Animal Health

Paul Peters, Facility Account Manager at MSD, had been on the lookout for a good feedback tool for a while. He wanted something super accessible that could get them a lot of response to measure the quality of the services they provide. When he came across TryLikes he knew he’d found exactly what he was looking for.

Here's what Paul loved!

  • Easy for employees to give feedback regarding our services
  • TryLikes measuring stations work stand alone, so they are easy to move around and measure several subjects
  • Smart Question Cards; you can easily change the question and it's automatically updated in your TryLikes dashboard

TryLikes questions asked in the employee workspace

4 questions

  • How was your lunch?
  • Good coffee?
  • Did we receive you with a smile?
  • Are the toilets clean?

Average response rate:  62%.  

What happened next? 

Soon, Paul and his colleagues received their first feedback data and learned that there was room for improvement. Particularly when it came to the cleaning process and the quality of the coffee at one of the departments.

Once they knew what needed to be improved, it didn’t take long for the Maintenance Team to make things right again: The cleaning process has gone through some adjustments and the coffee machine’s settings have been double-checked since.

‘Good Coffee makes employees happy. The simple adjustments that just needed extra attention stood out from the TryLikes data. Although it's about personal taste happiness increased drastically :)’ – says Paul.


Improvement on coffee quality

Cleaner toilets and good tasting coffee. Rating went from 66% to 92% likes! ‘Quick, easy and transparent,’ that’s how Paul describes TryLikes. When asked about the future of his company and the real-time feedback measuring system he said: ‘As long as we can keep triggering our customers to rate our services by asking them the right questions, there is a real added value for our organisation.’

Stop guessing. Start measuring.

Measure the feedback of your customers or employees to improve your company’s potential. 
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