McDonald's Case

A spike in the likes during certain hours has lead to a friendly 

internal competition and showed 10% increase in revenues

" I liked the classic TryLikes solution with thumbs up/down, but with these new buttons you can measure even more specific feedback and motivate teams to be on top of their game. "

Edwin Ooms

Franchise owner McDonald's

Edwin Ooms is the proud owner of four different McDonald’s restaurants. Among them is the branch in Delft Noord, the busiest McDonald’s in the Netherlands. Edwin wanted to gain insights into various parts of his business and was open to the idea of measuring real-time feedback from his guests.

Here's what Edwin loved!

  • The huge amount of votes
  • The results created an internal competition amongst the employees
  • Trends that he was able to discover after a weeks

TryLikes questions asked during the
Customer Journey

4 questions

  • Did we serve you with a smile? - 3 cash registers
  • Is the toilet clean? - All toilets 
  • Did we help you fast enough? - McDrive
  • Was dinner nice? - Exit

Average response rate: 36%. 

Response rate McDrive: 86%!

What happened next? 

Just a few weeks later, there already was a big amount of data and insights to analyse. They discovered a trend where likes peaked to almost 90% on specific times while the average was about 65%. When they showed these results to Edwins manager, he suggested to connect the TryLikes data to the employee planning and cash register data. That’s how they found out that the ‘like spikes’ were triggered by one of Edwins star performing employees. This employee was only 4 seconds slower than his colleagues, but made almost 10% extra turnover per transaction!

Edwins manager asked the star performing employee to share his stellar sales skills with his colleagues. They could all learn from him and were excited to start working on providing an even better service. A friendly internal competition started, to see who got the best scores at the end of the day.

McDonald's will start measuring with the new toilet buttons in July

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