Happy employees & customers. 
That's all that matters.
Stop guessing. Start measuring.

People love to share their opinion. 

Especially when it's fast, simple & anonymous. 

Our Feedback Buttons have all of that.

Keep it Short & Simple

Please don't tell us you are still measuring your offline employee- or customer experience with long and boring surveys every once in a while. 

Or that you only keep track of the CX via your NPS score :( There is so much more to learn from your customers on a daily basis!

Gather insights about the entire employee & customer journey in real-time and create the experience no-one will forget!

The Buttons will give you
real and clear insights




And so much

Results have never been so ​clear and easy!

Get real-time insights on how you and your teams perform on important KPI's.

Reading data should be easy and fun. Our algorithms will do the work for you.

You can focus on making colleague's and customers happy.

How do The Buttons work?

  • Stick your Buttons to the wall
  • Plug a TryLikes Access Point into a power outlet
  • Connect your Buttons to the access point via our app 
  • angle-double-right
    And you are ready to measure

How can you start?

  • Find out what you like to measure >> Get inspired here!
  • Order your favorite Button set(s). 
  • Wait a few days before your Buttons arive and ...
  • angle-double-right
    ... Stick 'm to the wall and start measuring!

Two years on battery

Power Press Protection

No WiFi needed

Measure your customer experience

Customers are irritated and frustrated by the way they have to share their feedback, but demand instant solutions and an ultimate experience. Offer your customers a simple and fun way to give feedback.

Measure your 

real-time employee happiness

A strong guest experience starts with happy employees. So measure how your teams feel via our anonymous, easy and friendly way. By measuring each day of the week, you can find trends in the data and take a deep dive via personal conversations to improve their happiness and engagement. 

How do you feel today?

The influence of dirty toilets on
your entire CX is HUGE

  • 60% of people crumple their toilet paper & 40% fold it neatly

  • 7 million cell phones are dropped in the toilet every year

  • The average person spends three months of his or her life sitting on a toilet

Push notifications for
dirty toilets

Measure the exact problem with the specific toilet Buttons.

An instant push notification will tell cleaning staff what to do in real-time. 

This will safe time, money and creates happier employees & customers!


The customers perception is what matters most. A smiley face (happy or unhappy) is not specific enough. With these buttons​​​​, cleaning staff knows directly what the problem is and can act right away. Simple but brilliant!


Judith Verresen

RAI Amsterdam 

Strong cases from amazing companies

This case will show you how Albert Heijn went from 21% unhappy customers regarding speedy check-out to only 3% 

This case will show you how Plus created much happier customers with the help of the results of the cashregisters

This case will show you how McDonald's learned that happy service of one employee created 10% more revenue

This case will show you how MSD Health increased their ratings on coffee and toilet from 66% to 92% of likes

Oh la la... look at that pricing!

Single button price


One time only

Monthly Subscription

€ 6,-

Full data insights via the Button App!

To connect the Buttons to the online app you need one TryLikes Connection Hub per building. Costs for one Hub are €299,- + €10,- data usage per month. You can connect as many buttons as you like to one Hub.

Feel inspired by the real-time feedback of your colleague's and customers

By asking employees and customers how they feel you show that you care

Happy people stay longer, spend more and tell their friends!

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