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Dutch TryLikes Supermarket Franchise Deal

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Improve Your CX and Workplace Happiness with TryLikes!


TryLikes tracks real-time customer feedback. A simple like or dislike from your clients instantly tells you how you’re doing.

“For us it’s a very strong operational supporting tool. Do make sure that your employees stand behind your decision, that’s when it truly adds value to your business.“

Bart Groesz – Supermarket owner Plus


More Than Just a Thumbs Up

​Our smart measuring stations track temperature, sound and people movement. We can even trigger relevant push notifications and content so you can interact with your customers in a flash.

“Quick, easy and transparent. There is a real added value for our organisation.“

Paul Peters – Facility Account Manager, MSD Health



Real-Time is the Absolute Minimum

Dashboard & Reports

Zoom in on your real-time results straight away. Simple reports show you – and your employees – all the insights, correlations and trends you need to stay on track.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Based on the details gathered by the Trylikes measuring stations – and with a little help from our self learning algorithms – you get useful, data-driven information to make your decisions.


Trend Predictions

Real-time, but better. A conversion rate of at least 15% allows us to look for patterns and make data-backed predictions about future trends.


Turn Insights into Actions and Improvements

Push Notifications

You and your teams get a heads-up right when it matters. Receive actionable, timely alerts and helpful predictions directly on your mobile.

Boost Employee Engagement

​A few simple screens in the Employees Only part of your company show everyone the latest feedback details. Get your employees on board right from the start and let your company be a place where – everyone – is comfortable with the use of data.

Stop Guessing, Start Measuring.

​Run A/B tests to compare a current situation with a slightly different one. Do customers find it easier to move through your store with – or without – those footprint stickers leading the way? Ask specific questions and start measuring.

Working Together is Better

The best stories have our customers in them

“It has become very obvious what we need to focus on. I can now directly motivate my teams to improve and create the best shopping experience for our customers.”

Marcel de Droog
Supermarket manager, Albert Heijn

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