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Plus Supermarket Rozenburg

Bart Groesz

Owner, Plus Supermarket,

Rozenburg (Holland), 110 employees

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​Bart knew exactly what he wanted to use the TryLikes measuring stations for. ‘What do customers think of our bread supply, how do they experience the checkout at the cash registers, what do they think of the quality of our fruit and veg and what’s their general impression of our customer experience?’ the entrepreneur enumerates.

Position of the measuring stations and TryLikes Questions.
Average response conversion: 25%


​After only 5 weeks Groesz already got the first couple of clear results in. It turned out cash register checkout times on Tuesday mornings between 10 and 11 scored considerably lower than average. It also became clear that bread provisions on Wednesday afternoons received too many dislikes compared to other parts of the week.

> Bread Area: « Do we offer enough variety? »
Wednesday afternoon results

> Cash register: « Did we serve you quickly? »
Tuesday morning results


​‘Based on our first results, we’ve opened up more cash registers on Tuesdays during the periods that scored poorly. We’ve also improved our bread supply on Wednesday afternoons’ – says Bart.

Focus on cash registers and bread area situation



Groesz is very pleased with the the insights he gets from the TryLikes measuring stations. ‘We know we won’t reach every single customer that comes through our door,’ he says. ‘But nearly everyone who happens to stand close to our measuring stations pushes a button.’ The supermarket manager has a final tip for businesses wanting to start measuring real-time customer feedback: ‘Make sure your employees are fully on board and stand a 100% behind your decision. That’s when it truly adds value to your business.’

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