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Measure the feedback of your customers, all the time

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Step one

Ask simple but specific questions

Did we serve you with a smile?

We only ask one question at the time. No one wants to fill in 15 questions. So Boring!

Are our aisles clean enough?

With our TryLikes device we get up to 10x more response than a regular tablet. That's right, 10 times!

Did we meet your expectation?

TryLikes will help you ask the right questions. Share your KPI's and we will give you results to work with.

Step two

Analyze your response

Did you find everything?

Via your online dashboard you can see real-time results. Zoom in on locations, days, hours and find out where your challenges are.

Show me more data

Step three

Inspire and motivate your teams.

Did you find everything?

Show your people where they need to put in more effort. But also compliment them when they are doing a great job!

Step four

Make more money


It's simple. Happy customers are the best.

They come back more often and spend more money.

These companies can't be wrong



Stop guessing. Start measuring